Spirituality & Maori Art

In August, 2023, Darcy Nicholas gave a floor talk on the topic of Spirituality and art.

Thanks to the staff of the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery for making this happen.

‘Statements on Identity’ – an exhibition

In February 2020, Darcy Nicholas exhibited with Maria Brockhill and Keiron Toa at the Kura Gallery, in Wellington City.

With thanks to Ben & Jude Dods for their support and encouragement in making this happen.

Tribute to Japanese Artist, OKABE

Bunmei Okabe was selected to exhibit at Pataka Museum in Porirua City during Maori Art Market and the 2011 Rugby World Cup. His artwork was selected for it’s brilliant storytelling, colour and composition, and used to inspire the 200 leading and emerging Maori Artists that participated at the 2011 Maori Art Market Event.

This tribute coincided with an exhibition held in Tokyo during the 2019 Rugby World Cup but sadly, after a sudden bout of Pneumonia, Okabe passed away in April, 2020. He will be sorely missed, and is survived by his lovely wife, Noriko.  


Sometimes things don’t go as expected but still end up as intended. Art is a creative process that requires practice, experience, a developed instinct, and the willingness to take necessary risks.

Maori Art Discussion, with Darcy Nicholas

Darcy Nicholas was surrounded by experts steeped in pre-colonial custom and history. His knowledge comes from a long line of people whose education was passed down by their elders, and whose decisions helped shape the future of Maoridom. His own achievements in life reflect this wisdom.

His natural instincts as an artist, allowed him to interpret in both abstract, and logical context. The concern is that much information on Maori Issues provided today is post-colonial, and often misinterpreted by those who teach it. 

Darcy Nicholas – Leading Maori Artist (Highlights)

Here’s a taste of the art of Darcy Nicholas.

Contemporary Maori Artist, Darcy Nicholas

A brief background and summary of Darcy’s work.

Hinerangi Sculpture, Pukeahu War Memorial Wellington

This sculpture was donated to the Pukeahu Memorial Park out of respect to all of the non-fighting women, men and children who lost family members or their own lives as a result of the war. These people are often not recognized and forgotten over time, yet their importance and respect they deserve for what they had to endure cannot be ignored.



Darcy Nicholas & Kenny Trinder – Kairau Carvings

This is the documented creation of the carvings at Kairau Marae, on Matarikoriko road in Northern Taranaki.

Te Atairangi Kaahu Supreme Award presentation, for service to Maori Art.

The 2013 Te Tohu mō Te Arikinui Dame Te Atairangikaahu | Exemplary/Supreme Award was presented to Darcy Nicholas, for his lifetime services both as an artist and administrator/facilitator for the development of Maori Art and Artists.

Maori Art Meets America, Touring Exhibition 2005.

In 2005, a combined effort by several leading Maori Artists, New Zealand Tourism and Toi Maori Aotearoa – saw Maori enter San Francisco for a major touring art, culture and tourism event. 

The Late Maori Queen Te Arikinui Dame Te Atairangikaahu opened the event and also brought with her the poise, dignity and wisdom that she radiated as Maori royalty.