Acrylic on Art Paper


“Oral history says that Hinemoana is the daughter of the moon and the sea; Mahinerangi and Tangaroa. She can only be a beautiful reflection that remains in the memories in those ancient sailors sitting out on the sea on a calm evening... Nothing but a distant memory” - Darcy Nicholas

Compositionally this artwork is one of Nicholas’s best pieces, according to the Artist himself. And in terms of the face, he sees an enduring Maori face that exemplifies the diversity of Maori Ancestry.

“As a Maori People, we are neither African or Caucasian, or Asian; we’re a combination of the whole lot all together... because we’re a combination of those who migrated through the Pacific”

Through his travels and discussions with other tribal leaders around the world, Nicholas has discovered many cultures who share knowledge, values and beliefs, similar to those of his own people. Whether it be America, Japan, India, or deep inside of Africa, he’s seen enough to realise a connection exists, as revealed through their stories and interpretations of different ideas.  

The face in this painting once again, does look classically Maori, yet at the same time - could be seen as the face of the many different cultures that Nicholas has met with over his lifetime.